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John Francis Ltd. is a family business since 1941. At first, it was a man who offered to haberdashery service tailored clothing. Through the years, the company has gone to John Francis (son) who has always taken care to maintain their impeccable reputation for quality and service. The company continues to evolve with the respect they have for their customers, and their openness to suggestions. Their integrity is the secret of their success.

In 1979, following a seasonal exhibition, the company saw evolve a new facet of their company, which is now the largest and the “focus” principal John Francis Ltd..

Our first collection of aprons aimed manufacture for personal use. Since then, the company has evolved significantly to the continuous improvement of the deck, and adapt its characteristics to meet the needs of their customers, while being attentive to the fashions and trends by adding a variety of new models and now their assurance of superior quality and incomparable value.

In the 80s, a professional team of representatives distributing new products, including aprons and smocks for children. To date, our personalized service has enabled us to develop a trusting relationship with our unparalleled many customers.

To date, we are the largest producer of high quality aprons, vests and hats leaders. Products John Francis Ltd.. evolved and enable our customers to complete their uniforms and corporate clothing needs. Our traditional values ​​combined with the interest we pay to our customers is our guarantee of a “look” of success for your business.

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